TBM-3E Avenger 5938 "308"

This Grumman, was built In March 1945 by the Eastern Aircraft division of General Motors. In May 308 was sent to Torpedo Squadron VT-86, it served aboard the Aircraft carrier CV-18 the USS WASP! 308 is a combat veteran having sunk two Japanese ships, a cruiser and a destroyer. On July 28, 1945 Lt. Harry Badgerow the pilot, George E. Bostrom, ARM 2/C and Norman R. Aberle, AMM2/C sank the “Oyodo” in Kure Harbor. Then with a second crew this aircraft sank a second ship the Japanese Destroyer “Nashi” on the same day.  One of the reasons this aircraft survived after the war was because it was used as an aerial sprayer stateside. Purchase by Danny Summers of Sugar City, Idaho and hired Airpower Unlimited to do the ground up restoration.  Harry Badgerow (Hot Badge) as they called him and many of the VT-86 Squadron members had a reunion at Airpower and Harry got to ride in his plane once again along with his squadron members! It was taken to Oshkosh for the EAA Airshow and was awarded the World War II Grand Champion Warbird and Airpower received the Golden Wrench Award. Now owned by Texas Flying Legends Museum.

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TBM-3E Avenger