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Corsair 92489


Corsair FG-1D “Kathleen” BuNo 92489, was a Goodyear built aircraft that was state side until the government of El Salvador purchase the surplus aircraft along with other Corsair from the United States in 1957. The El Salvadorian government flew them for 19 years, during which this airplane flew in the Great “Soccer War, “the three soccer matches were the catalyst which helped ignite a war between El Salvador and Honduras in July of 1969! The War only lasted 4 days! The aircraft sat for many years until 1974 when Frank Arrufat who was an ex-Navy Pilot flying for TWA airlines,   read an article in Trade- a- Plane about surplus Corsairs in El Salvador! Frank spoke Spanish, went to El Salvador picking the best one he could find and paid the $4000.00 purchase price and had it shipped to the States. Frank continued to gathered parts and worked on the aircraft himself for many years then put it in storage and after years of starting and stopping the restoration he contacted Airpower Unlimited in 2001 to start again! Frank Arrufat had a 43 year love affair with this Aircraft! Frank named the Plane after his wife Kathleen! Frank saw it to fruition just selling it prior to Oshkosh because of family medical needs and the Aircraft was Awarded World War II Warbird, Grand Champion at the EAA Airshow along with Airpower getting the Golden Wrench Award! The airplane went to Reno to the National Aviation Heritage Invitational and Won the People‘s Choice Award in Reno Nevada. The Aircraft is now owned by the Texas Flying Legends, in Texas.