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Corsair 92106

Goodyear built, this aircraft departed Akron, Ohio, in early 1945 and was ferried to San Diego in route to the South Pacific. Its combat record is unknown as it was in a CASU Squadron according to all the original records kept with the plane, it had a stint with the Naval Reserves based at N.A.S. Jacksonville, Grosse Isle, Dallas and finally Spokane. In 1955 it was sold as surplus and was an exhibit at an amusement park in the Seattle area. In 1972 the plane was acquired by Dave Tallichet  of Yesterday’s Air Force and moved to Chino,  California,   Later to star in, as the lead Corsair in the opening of all 22 episodes of the NBC 1970’s television show BAA BAA Black Sheep.  In 1989 Gary Koh’s of fine art models purchased the plane and hired Airpower to do the restoration. This Corsair was the first restoration of its time to be taken down to the bare spar and having more than 17,000 man hour dedicated to its restoration! It flew to Oshkosh, Wisconsin to the Experimental Aircraft Association, airshow where it received the coveted WWII Grand Champion Warbird, It also received the Golden Wrench Award 2003! It went to the Rolls Royce Invitational, held in Reno Nevada it received the People’s choice Award.

92106 went back to Akron Ohio to where the Goodyear Factory was to honor and celebrate with former employees along with the pilots who flew them who worked on these aircraft during the War!  John flew her to Akron for the event June 18, 2004

This Airplane is now owned & Operated by Vintage Wings of Canada.Type your paragraph here.