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Corsair #92436


          Corsair #92436 was built by Goodyear Aircraft Corporation in Akron Ohio, and was delivered to the Navy on July 10th 1945. She was then shipped to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and served with the Marine Carrier Aircraft Unit Casu1 at Marine Corp Air Station (MCASEWA). Later 92436 was assigned to the Marine Flight Squadron VMF 213.

          In 2002 92436 Was Flown to Airpower Unlimited in Jerome Idaho where it was decided that 92436 was in need of a complete rebuild. she was then taken down to her spar and back again over a course of several years. In 2015 92436 took the skies again as 115 a nod to her previous life as an airshow performer and color scheme that she carried while attached to the VMF213 Squadron